"One of the biggest challenges for corporate email marketing campaigns today is getting their email message into their prospects email inbox" 

Well designed and properly executed email marketing campaigns is often the most cost effective and quickest form of advertising especially with the consent approval by the receiving email owner from our existing database. This is why direct email marketing should always be considered as an important channel to reach your target audience. From past reports and case history our clients receive approximately 20% enquiry response rate with a minimum sales conversion rate of 10-15% from a large volume email direct marketing campaigns. Our studies show that most inviduals check their email inbox on average, 20 times a day and often do it first thing in the morning. In addition we comply with all international email marketing compliance regulations for your specific campaigns with the permission of our email database account holders.

Spam compliant email for China and International regulations.
Our database mailing list will ensure that your email marketing campaign achieves the maximum delivery rate to pass spam filters. Our opt-in email marketing programs are 100% spam compliant and follow all China and global regulations. This is accomplished by us working with the major Global and Chinese ISPs to ensure good reputation of our mailing servers with corporate enterprise email accounts and also private investors with popular mailboxes such as and others.

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