Clients & Partners


Our clients are from a variety of sectors such as Corporate, International Associations, International Trade Councils, Government Institutions and Global Investment Promotion Organizations. We place customers at the heart of everything we do and believe our high levels of customer service are based on trust and results from the overall experience. We are proud to include a selection sample of comments we have received from clients our consultants have worked with.

“Maitland Sheng provides reliable and useful marketing projects for the technology sector.” Hongwei Wang, Director Product Marketing, Huawei Semiconductor product Services

“An excellent marketing service provider, quick results delivered in an easy and understanding format.” Pascal Lemaire, Director of Asia Pacific Operations, Airbus 

“We found the advertising campaign to be very useful to plan our market expansion strategies. We are happy to use Maitland Sheng services for our future marketing requirements.” Yamada Noriko, Global Product Manager, Mitsubishi Electric

“Thank you very much for this really fascinating and informative marketing solution. We would definitely be interested for any future opportunities and new projects” Lee Kim Shin, Head of Sales, Hyundai Motor Group (China)

“Maitland Sheng has an ideal offering for our company. For identifying details of potential customers, doing primary survey interviews, or large scale custom data marketing. Its services are ideally suited for us and well-priced” Jinhui Zhang, Director Business Development, Lenovo Mobile 

“Thank you so much for your help on the research regarding the AI market, as well as the political atmosphere. The study covered expert Analysis. It helped give a very good view of where the market is heading, and which regions may show the highest growth” Wei Zhou, Head of Research, China Investment Corporation