For over 24 years our management team have a proven history of local and regional marketing experience, market research knowledge as well as publishing high quality audited reference publications. All our staff are fully trained from the day they join our company, to implement all marketing projects from the client’s perspective and ensuring positive results with a dedicated customer service at all times. Our staff attitude is to always focus on long term working relationships with a professional and sincere manner. We see ourselves as an extension of our clients marketing teams. As a company we currently have 120 local and experienced researchers across China with research offices in Beijing supported from a dedicated experienced management team and admin staff of 36 personnel in Hong Kong. We have also established researchers in the Middle East, Turkey, India, Central Asia, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand.
Group Director & Co Founder
"As the Group Director and co founder my primary role is to ensure our Company is consistently effective in setting and implementing our growth sales direction, operations and marketing strategy. Additionally i tend to look after all issues related to personnel, which includes development and daily team meetings” 
Managing Director & Co Founder
“As the Managing Director and co founder my role spans many areas .I am responsible for the operations and execution of projects ensuring all client requirements are met, However, the most important role is in directing the business, ensuring we are growing in the right way and building on our credible reputation”
Publishing Director
"As the publishing Director for Maitland Sheng my task includes writing, identifying and commissioning editorial articles and approving advertising production artwork before final print deadlines and book distribution"
Market Research Director
“I have two overlapping roles. One is to oversee market research data projects from start to finish working with my team of researchers. Secondly I also assist our Business Development efforts, meaning that I am involved with other Directors in developing strategic growth plans for our Company”